November 2013


Mountain Update
We did not have to wait long for winter to arrive this year! Aspen Mountain and Snowmass open this weekend for the season! It has been said that “Aspen currently has more snow than any other ski resort in the U.S.” Now we’re talking!

Year in Review
Being that it’s the week before Thanksgiving I think it’s a great time to review where you are with your investments. It’s easy to think you’ll refinance “later,” or “should I double check the values on my property taxes.” The interest rates, having taken a dip, are still unbelievably low. And with the creation of the CPRC ( ) getting a loan after January 2014 is only going to be more of a headache. Interest rates are predicted to go up in late Spring—but then again, it’s only a prediction. If your taxes are higher than the last assessment, make a note to be sure to check them when they are reassessed. I am happy to help produce the previous sales to help decrease your taxes! And , don’t forget that Capital Gains tax law changes in 2014. It will be tied to your income rather than the straight 15% on long-term gains. And if you’ve been contemplating home improvements why not do them now, and start enjoying that new kitchen.

Importance of Holiday
Because it’s so close to the end of the year, I think of which goals I’ve been able to cross off. (It’s as important to congratulate yourself on a job well done as it is to write down new goals.) But my favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday is not just reviewing the year, but thinking of my loved ones near and far. How grateful I am for all of the people I’ve been fortunate enough to call my friends! I am lucky in that I think of my family as my friends, and my friends as my family! Thank you for being among them!

Market Update
Oh, almost forgot. The third quarter report is out! Please see attached, and forgive me for not making that the focal point of my